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Timebank Raglan

Important information about your membership

Dear Timebank Raglan member
Timebank Raglan is going through an important change in how it operates, so we want to let you know the impact it will have on your membership. We are now asking all members to pay a membership fee of NZ$5 per year.
Timebank Raglan operates via an online software programme called Community Weaver, provided by the Timebanks USA. We are part of their network, which includes 30 Timebanks in New Zealand and about 167 worldwide.
The software is the platform that enables members to connect, post offers and requests, log and manage hours, and much more. The software has been generously provided for free over the past 5 years. However, due to a higher demand for hosting new Timebanks, and the support, improvements, and maintenance that comes along with it, Timebanks USA have decided to charge all Timebanks a fee proportional to the number of members (more members = higher fees for each Timebank).
Therefore, after long discussions and looking at what our kiwi Timebanks are doing, the Timebank Raglan committee has decided to charge all members an annual membership fee of NZ$5 to cover the cost of the software.
This cost is similar to the cost of a large coffee plus great value for money! The membership fee will cover your membership for one year, plus give you access to an amazing tool. But if you think this is out of your budget, please come and talk to us. We don't want to see anyone leaving for financial restrictions.
We would like to hear back from you regarding your interest in staying part of Timebank Raglan. We are aware there are many inactive members (some have even left town and not told us). If you don't live in Raglan anymore or don't want to continue as a member of Timebank Raglan, please let us know. 

How to pay:

- Bring $5 in cash to the Whaingaroa Environment Centre. We are in the Town Hall, Bow St, Raglan, Tuesday to Friday 12-4 pm.

- Bank deposit to Kiwibank, account name is Whaingaroa Environment Centre, account number is 38-9019-0329798-00

  Please put your name and surname as reference, and send a copy of the receipt to us via email.

We are looking forward to connecting with you and growing together as a community. Timebank creates so many opportunities to learn, connect and support each other. Let's keep doing it! We have exciting workshops planned for the year and we want to grow Timebank even more.
If you have any questions or concerns about the annual membership, please do not hesitate in contacting us. You can email us at or visit us at the Whaingaroa Environment Centre (Town Hall, Bow St.).
We look forward to hearing from you,